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OMONDI Presents: The Cutting Room Floor

Dec 26, 2018

Chief Strategist Stephanie Horton explains the fundamentals that go into a fashion business and the constructs behind them. Previously at FarFetch & Shopbop she details why there are no shortcuts when it comes to e-commerce and the things she looks for in an employee. 

Nov 28, 2018

Heron Preston tells the story of how he and Virgil went from Myspace friends to accidentally meeting in person; and Virgil introduced him to New Guards Group, the company that launched his namesake brand Heron Preston. 

Nov 14, 2018

Starting his career at Maria Cornejo and then eventually landing at OUTLIER, Willie tells us about his life hack to entering the industry, why textiles are so important to his current employer and what the role of a designer looks like today. 

Oct 31, 2018

A very candid; “no holds barred” look at the business of fashion photography. Working in-house for commercial clients like Pharell, Beyonce & Kanye West, Driely Carter explains why magazine editorials make no money, the scam of sponsored content and how the fashion industry has survived on free work of interns.